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Ironman Busselton, Western Australia

"Lardman" completed the Ironman course in 12 hrs 33mins 53secs, broken down as follows:-

3.8km Swim

1 hr 17 min 30 secs

Swim to Bike Transition

? min ?? secs

180km Bike

5 hr 46 min 13 secs

Bike to Run Transition

? min ?? secs

42.2km Run

5 hr 29 min 58 secs

They have not provided transition times, I made my bike 5:40, so times a little out, as the above times total 12:32:41!!!  Not as good as expected, but a hip injury meant the majority of the run was walked.
Click here for some pictures of the day/week.
Thanks to a great initiative by the Busselton Triathlon Club, the local schools adopt an international athelete, the athelete in turn attends the school and gives them an insight into Ironman and encourages them to keep fit etc.  What a wonderful idea.  Lardmans class is Year 4 room 6 (age 9 or 10), St Joseph's Catholic School (see picture)

Since IMWA began in November 2004, the community in Busselton has changed to be a more “active and fitness conscious” community, with triathlon participation numbers across all ages from school children to adults increasing dramatically. The participation of local residents from the surrounding regions in both the Half Ironman (held in May each year) and Ironman WA has also increased.
With almost 50% of the Ironman Western Australia field visiting from overseas, the Busselton Triathlon Club has tapped into this resource of information with local programs and events within schools and the local Busselton community. Initiatives include:-
  • Adopt an Athlete” program – with local schools (classes, individual students and families) with email correspondence between Athelete and School leading up to the Event
  • Athelete visiting local schools to talk about their home town / country
  • Athelete visiting local schools who are learning your language, eg. Italian
  • Athelete passing on tips about becoming a triathlete to school children – Triathlon has been introduced as part of the “sports curriculum” for some Busselton schools
  • Attend the “Kids Tri” to be held on the Saturday before IMWA – come and support the students you have been corresponding with! This is on 1st December 2007, Georgette St Car Park, East of Busselton Jetty (Click here for Entry Form)
  • Take part in the “Athletes Parade” (Friday 30 November)

Having attended many kids Triathlon events before in the past, this should be equally as great an event as the actual Ironman race itself.

I looked at my phone today (13th Nov 07) and saw 10 new TXT messages (all from the website), here's the messages and my replies
Name TXT Message Reply
St Joseph's School Keep up the hard work, look forward to meeting you Mr Murphy yr4
Dylan Have you ever won any iron man events? No, I only started Ironman when I was 40yrs old, so dont think I'll ever get to the stage of winning one
Isobel What is your best part of the ironman? I love the bike ride.  My best bike time is under 6hrs, but I'm hoping to better this in Busselton as it's a flatter course.
Callum What is your best time for the ironman? 12hrs 33min I've only ran 2 events, so hopefully my best time will be in Busselton in a few weeks
Keshi What is your Ironman food? Loads of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables, plus Lean Meat.  As long as I train hard I treat myself to chocolate too.
Taylor did you look up to some one when you were a kid Yes, I used to be a 400m Hurdle runner, so I looked up to Ed Moses, the greatest ever track athelete in the world.
Mackenzie Hi, how you, i've wondered if you always enjoy your job, how long do you run for and whats your best timing I love my job, I love doing Ironman and I love educating people about maintaining a healthy and active life.  My best run this year was a 35km run in the hills of Auckland and I did it in under 3 hours.
Joshua Hi,What don't you like about the Irman? I like the bike the best.  It varies, I used to like the swim the best when I first started
Rebecca when is your birthday I've just had my birthday, I was 42 last week on the 7th November.
Kira Have you won any gold or silver medals and how many The good thing about Ironman is that everyone who gets across the finish line in less than 17hrs gets a medal and a t-shirt.

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