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Ironman Taupo, New Zealand

"Lardman" completed the Ironman course in 12 hrs 33mins 33secs, broken down as follows:-

3.8km Swim

1 hr 19 min 46 secs

Swim to Bike Transition

7 min 36 secs

180km Bike

6 hr 01 min 34 secs

Bike to Run Transition

1 min 53 secs

42.2km Run

5 hr 02 min 44 secs

The swim was a truly amazing experience, with 1100 competitors starting off at the same time, it was like trying to swim in a washing machine, as you regularly had swimmers swimming over the top of you, pushing you under water, hitting you in the face with their arms and kicking you in the face with their feet.  "Lardmans" goggles where kicked off and a contact lense dislodge at one point.  It was a long swim... but the water temperature of 20 degrees certainly helped...
The bike course was as expected, long and hard.  Cycling for such long periods of time always brings on back and neck ache at some point, so it was just a when... for "Lardman" this came earlier than anticipated - around the 80km mark...  Being a poor swimmer it was good to race through the course, with only a handfull of people overtaking "Lardman".
The cycle course was not without incident, a draughting penalty at 120km was handed out, which made little sense considering the slow move thru the pack.  A heated exchange of words between the official and "Lardman" followed, but "Lardman" was soon back on his bike.
Two draughting penalties would have resulted in instant disqualification, so to avoid this "Lardman" cycled dangerously down the centre line of the road for the remaining 60km.  
The anger surrounding the draughting penalty made "Lardman" push harder on the bike to make up for lost time, but this extra push bought on stomach cramps which had a knock on effect on the nutrician plan for the day.
Nothing could have prepared "Lardman" for the feeling of coming off the bike and starting a marathon.  Leg's were tired, physyically exhausted and mentally drained, "Lardman" had to dig deep to make it through the first 10km. 
The pain from the 10km point was consistent, just hard work keeping a nice steady pace to get "Lardman" to the finish, walking through drink stations and up the more significant hills, but finally after 5 hours of pounding the pavements of Taupo, "Lardman" became an "Ironman"
"Lardman" was asked "where to from here" before the event...  he replied "Maybe a professional poker player... takes just as much time and dedication... wastes just as much of your hard earned money, but at least you get to sit down and drink whilst doing it...
Was it all worth it?  YES!
Would he do Taupo Ironman again? Maybe! Like to do a few other ones in different countries first
Would he do another Ironman? YES - Ironman World Championships, Kona, Hawaii on 13th Oct 07 

Some Photos of the Day...

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