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Ironman World Championships 2007, Kona Hawaii

SWIM 1:22:23
BIKE 6:33:20
RUN 5:32:38
OVERALL 13:37:16
OVERALL POSITION: 1466   [ 1423 (after swim) 1349 (after bike) ]
Better still I have a 8.45Mb personalised 1 minute Finish Clip, with some other great footage (click here to view)
It was a great honour to represent "Team New Zealand", It felt humbling to be amongst some of the best tri-atheletes in the country.

Team New Zealand

The Parade of Nations was “strange” walking down the street under an NZ Flag, getting jeered by the French and English supporters for the All Blacks feeble effort in the World Cup.. Oh how I wanted to put my English Rugby top on….
Another special moment was that being in the USA, I finally managed to meet (and get my photo with) a long time hero of mine.  Click on the image to see who it is?  My four year old daughter got a signature from last years womens winner Michellie Jones with a note saying "Live your dreams", how suitable for the whole Kona experience.
Wow, what a race Kona Ironman was...  The swim was amazing, beautiful clear waters, brightly colored fish and turtles... Even with the rough waters and lack of a wetsuit I managed a good swim time and for the first time ever even managed a jog to the transition.
The bike was hot and long, consumed about 10 bottles of water and electrolyte drinks and didn't have the urge to go to the toilet once.  The winds were amazing, 3/4 of the bike leg into wind (as the winds changed) and the last 30km was a bitch.  My chain game off and when I dismounted to fix, my quads cramped, the strong winds ruined any chances of a good bike time.  The thought of running the marathon was already turning into a challenge!!! 
Got off the bike and my legs were smashed.  Couldn't run for the first mile (had a terrible stitch) and then the heat of the day kept me at a run a mile, walk a mile strategy. The heat meant loads of water bein poured over you at aid stations, but this in turn led to chaffing, blisters etc.  Fortunately there were a wealth of newly found friends to help each other thru the run course and get us all home safely.
The experience however made it all worthwhile, so many memories... and more importantly a World Championship medal (and I beat all those professionals who pulled out!!!) 
The swim start is always a bit special with so many swimmers fighting for the same bit of water, so here's some photos of this truly special swim start. (I'm the one in the green cap)

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